Monday, March 31, 2008

2008 Projected Player Stats

Here are some 2008 projected stats.

This is very preliminary, but I thought it was cool. Anyway, the counting stats (hits, HRs, etc) are based upon a projection of 600 Plate appearances for everyone (including several players out of baseball). For switch hitters, there is a quick approximation of how many PA they get from each side, and stats are broken down by side.

The e at the beginning of each header just means “estimated”. teOPS is the total estimated OPS for all hitters. For guys that aren’t switch hitters this is the same as eOPS, for switch hitters it is a weighted average (even though that isn’t the most precise way to do it).

This is my first pass, and I haven’t looked through it all, so any feedback is appreciated. If you see anything that looks funny, let me know, since that should help me review and improve the model, as well as catch any bugs.

Also, I find it interesting that the projected best hitter in 2008 (legal troubles not withstanding) is currently out of baseball.

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